Top Tao Seeds

We have been breeding cannabis for more than 20 years. We follow the underground tradition and use their experience. We have been cooperating with Ruderalis since 1998. We gained the cannabis genetics mostly from sailors from Amsterdam and Hamburg. Some kinds of sativa come from African students at the University of Agriculture. Other ones were brought from India and Near East, part of them originates from the Swiss Alps. Since we love breeding and we had seen the necessity to shorten maturing, we have started to produce regular seeds of autoflowering varieties. 

Early Top Tao

Early Top Tao is an evenly balanced strain (50% Indica/50% Sativa) created through crossing Early Tao X Oldschool Bohemia strains. The cerebral effect...

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Golden Cannary

Golden Canary by Top Tao Seeds is an even strain. Its lineage consists of (Demon Auto Tao Albina selection and Big Auto Tao) and (Demon Auto Tao Albin...

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