John Sinclair Seeds

John Sinclair Seeds is a selection of connoisseur cannabis seeds that honour quality with robust genetics and continue to push forward the march towards worldwide cannabis liberation. With over 50 years of cannabis activism and subsequent cannabis consumption, renegade poet-activist and once manager of the MC5, John Sinclair has evolved a skillful taste for the highest quality buds. Granting Ceres Seeds enormous honour, John Sinclair helped to develop a total of six stable F1 cannabis varieties. All of these John Sinclair favorites are handpicked and diligently selected: Trans-Love Energies (Sativa), Viper (indica), Amsterdam (skunk) White Panther (indica x Sativa) Zenta (Sativa x indica), and the auto-flowering MCM (indica).

Amsterdam Skunk

Amsterdam has been the first city of choice for John Sinclair. This new variety of Skunk is bred in collaboration with Ceres Seeds to reflect the stro...

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Trans Love

Trans-Love (aka John Sinclair's Sativa) is a mostly Sativa variety from John Sinclair Seeds. This strain boasts a sweet and fruity flavour with a ligh...

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Viper (aka John Sinclair's Indica) is an Indica-dominant variety from John Sinclair Seeds. This strain boasts a distinct aroma that’s herbal and musky...

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